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Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities with Personal Survival Techniques meeting the requirements of STCW Section A-VI/1-1 and A-VI/1-4. The PSSR/PST certificate must be renewed at 5 year intervals. To facilitate this requirement Unicorn Training has incorporated a PSSR/PST course in our Refresher Course and it can be attended for the single certificate.


The SAMSA Code syllabus includes the requirement that all learners must be able to practically demonstrate that they can remain afloat without a life jacket.

This will be included in the practical assessment criteria, with immediate effect.

Candidates are required to bring with them an ID document, valid medical certificate, a swimming costume and towel for the practical module in a swimming pool (on day 4).

All candidates must be conversant and literate in English.

Additional Information

A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 candidates are required and the fee includes notes, transport to and from the wet drill module.

Refreshments and lunch are provided whilst on course.

Please notify us if there are any personal catering allergies or religious restrictions, in order for us to make the necessary arrangements.

Course Details

PSSR Duration: 2 days

PST Duration: 2 days

PSSR + PST Duration: 4 days

Please note: All pregnant learners attending strenuous practical sessions (firefighting and survival courses) must:

  1. Produce a letter from a doctor stating that they are fit to attend and,
  2. May not attend if more than 7 months pregnant

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
Course Dates:
8 - 9 October
20 - 21 October
5 - 6 November
10 – 11 November
8 - 9 December

Personal Survival Techniques
Course Dates:
1 - 2 October
10 - 11 October
18 - 19 October
22 - 23 October
7 – 8 November
12 – 13 November
10 - 11 December

Course Fee Information

Course fees are quoted in South African Rands, and are subject to increase without notice when circumstances or related services for costs change. Please enquire as to the correct fee at the time of the booking. All bookings made in advance will not attract additional costs.

Course fees are not refundable and certifications are only issued once all course fees are paid in full. Kindly note that we do not accept cheques, only cash or electronic transfers.