Professional Diving Centre

Their commercial diving courses are approved by the South African Department of Labour, and are both both IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) recognized and UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive) approved for working diver qualification in the United Kingdom.

International Maritime Organization

The organisation’s objective is to lead and champion South Africa’s maritime interests as custodians and stewards of maritime policy, vigorous promoters of the maritime sector and giving full and complete effect to our obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Protecting & Indemnity

P&I Associates celebrated 32 years as commercial correspondents in 2010. The company was established to service the needs of the International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs in South Africa. The company quickly gained worldwide recognition as a first class commercial correspondent thanks to its team of highly motivated staff who specialize in every aspect of P&I insurance.

Maritime and Coastgaurd

Their vision is to be a world-class organization that is committed to preventing loss of life, continuously improving maritime safety, and protecting the marine environment: Safer Lives, Safer Ships, and Cleaner Seas.

Grindrod Shipping

Grindrod Shipping, originated in South Africa with roots dating back to 1910. The company is based in Singapore, with offices around the world including, London, Durban, Cape Town, Tokyo and Rotterdam. Grindrod Shipping owns and operates a diversified fleet of owned, long-term chartered and joint-venture dry-bulk and liquid-bulk vessels across the globe.