The organisation’s objective is to lead and champion South Africa’s maritime interests as custodians and stewards of maritime policy, vigorous promoters of the maritime sector and giving full and complete effect to our obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our vision is to be a world-class organisation that is committed to preventing loss of life, continuously improving maritime safety, and protecting the marine environment: Safer Lives, Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas.


United Nations Agency concerned with the safety of shipping and cleaner oceans.


ISF Careers in International Shipping, Federation, maritime, marine, transport, transportation, organisations, organizations.


Unicorn Shipping is the shipowning arm of Grindrod Limited, and with roots dating back to the 1860′s, is South Africa’s oldest national ship owner.


The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) are the international trade association and employers’ organisation for merchant ship operators.


Safeboating SA offers training, latest South African weather reports, guidance and correspondence to provide the latest information on safety to the boaters.